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Hello, I am Gabrijela and I am your host in CroatiaTips travel blog. Want to come to Croatia, and don’t know anything about Croatia? This is the right place. Meet Croatia and all its beauty in CroatiaTips travel blog. The intention of this blog is to write about all beautiful Croatia Destinations and spots, meet you with well known and those less known tourist places to get a complete picture and make a plan of your travel through Croatia. Croatia is a country with over 1,000 islands, mountain ranges, plains, and vineyards… Rich nature gave even 8 National Parks and 11 Nature Parks which you can visit throughout the year and enjoy the protected species of plants and animals, waterfalls that are just out of the fairy tales, castles and amphitheaters that proudly standing there from the 1st century.
However, I’ll try to introduce you to the best places to Visit Croatia, Adriatic Sea, Beaches in Croatia, Activities in Croatia, Croatian Islands, Family Destinations, Romantic Holidays, Youth Holidays, Croatian Beer, Croatian Wine, Gastronomy in Croatia, Events, International Music Festivals in Croatia, and Accommodation that you’ll need during your stay in Croatia, in short, all about Croatia. If I haven’t already written, I’ll write soon. Be free and design with me CroatiaTips blog, ask and I’ll answer you, tell me what you really want to know, be my guest blogger. Help me to make this website interesting for all of you great travelers and tourists.
Finally, I wish you a memorable stay in Croatia 🙂