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Things to do on Island Rab


Rab by NightOn the Island Rab, you can arrive by car with two ferries. Bus lines to the city of Rab are from Rijeka and Zagreb. The closest International Airport is in Rijeka, near Omisalj on the Krk Island and neither Zadar is not far away.

The town of Rab in Roman times is experiencing a remarkable boom. In the 10th year B.C. gets the status of a municipality, and in the 2nd or 3rd century adjective Felix, happy, becoming Felix Arba. This title is not easily shared, were given only the most deserving cities, in Italy only three: Rome, Ravenna, and Aquileia. On the east coast of Adriatic, Rab was the first which received this title.

On this small island there is as much as 157 km of cycling trails, and 144 km of hiking trails. Island is simply a paradise for lovers of cycling and walking. The bike, which in any place you can rent is the ideal tool for discovering the beauty and attractions of the island. On the island are several scuba diving clubs in more places. Interesting scuba diving locations in the sea around Rab has many and diverse. In most places, you can rent a boat, pedal boat, Jet Ski, and even a yacht. Boaters will be interesting that the island has two ACI Marinas, one in a deep and well-protected bay Supetarska Draga and the other in the port of Rab, overlooking the Old Town. At your disposal are also many sports facilities – tennis courts, beach volleyball, mini golf, table tennis, bowling, football, basketball and more. There are also wellness centres, organized aerobic volleyball and so on. On several beaches are offered interesting organized activities for children.

What to see on Island Rab

The Town Rab

City RabTown Rab has remained small medieval town closed in the town walls on their peninsula. The town is recognizable by its four towers, three Romanesque and one from the 17th century, but looks to be compatible with the earlier ones. The town has numerous cultural and historical sights, but we can freely say that town Rab is open-air museum.

The Franciscan Monastery

Franciscan Monastery RabThe Franciscan monastery of St Bernardino from 1445 is in Bay St Euphemia at Kampor. The monastery is known under the name of St Euphemia, the namesake for older church with which it was built. The rich monastery library preserves several valuable old books, part of the monastery has been turned into a museum, and there is also a picture gallery.

Church of St Peter

In Supetarska Draga is Church of St Peter, created by damming the older church, probably an early Christian in the 11th century. From the monasteries are now only fragments remained, but the church is exceptionally well preserved and represents a rare Romanesque church that has been preserved almost in its original form, without any subsequent changes. One of its oldest bells is on the east coast of Adriatic from 1299.


Dundo, RabIt is worth to mention the natural wonders of Rab. On the peninsula Kalifront, the most wooded part of Rab is Dundo, one of the best preserved holm oak forests in the Mediterranean. This is a forest botanical vegetation reserve.

Park Komrcar

Park Komrcar is a beautiful park at the bottom of the peninsula on which is located the town of Rab and continues to the ancient town walls. This park is work of human hands from 1890.

Sandy Beaches

Beach RabIsland Rab is known for its sandy beaches, especially on the peninsula of Lopar. Sandy beaches are not common on the east coast, but on the island are quite. Of course, even those who do not like sandy beaches do not need to worry. There are many here and rocky beaches.  The most popular sandy beaches on the island is Rajska plaza (Paradise Beach) in Lopar peninsula, with a large and diverse range of amenities. In the three bays called Padova in Banjol are several different also very popular beaches; among the most famous beaches are certainly those in the bay Pudarica near Barbat.

The tradition of nudism on the Island Rab dates back to the transition from the 19th to the 20th century, but it is certainly the most important event for the development of nudism was a visit of the English King Edward VIII and his future wife Wallis Simpson, in August 1936 during his short-lived reign. Town authorities of Rab allowed them to bathe naked in Kandarola Bay, on the peninsula Frkanj. Today Kandarola is beautiful and famous nude beach, because of this event, often called the English beach. Famous nudist beaches are located on the peninsula of Lopar, Stolac, Sahara and Ciganka. CNN is declared Rab the world’s best destination for nudists.

Gastronomy of Rab

Rab CakeIf you are a fan of healthy and natural food, on the Island Rab you will be able to fully enjoy. In addition to traditional dishes of fish and seafood, as well as specialty of Island Rab is Rab’s Cake. Certainly worth a try!

Nightlife on Island Rab

Many bars, cafes and restaurants of town Rab in the summer months are full of life. Its diverse environments with a lot of character are incorporated in the cobbled streets and houses and give town a special atmosphere.

From quiet and hidden corners for meditation and conversation, romantic places for memorable moments together, to bars that is crowded with lots of people with loud music and good entertainment.

Specialties on the island is a large number of small cafes, pubs, nightclubs, bars, and cocktail bars located in the Old Town of Rab between the stone walls, squares and lounge area of the Old Town.

Nightlife is an essential part of any holiday, and is an integral part of the tourist offer of any tourist places. This island comes alive in summer when its doors opened many night clubs. Fun is guaranteed at every step, and it’s up to you to decide just where you’ll go.

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