Things to do in Porec


City Loggia in Porec

Porec is a town and municipality on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula.  The major landmark of Porec is the Euphrasian Basilica from 6th century a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, and there you can start with things to do in Porec.

Porec is almost 2,000 years old, and is set around a harbour protected from the sea by the small island of St Nicholas. Ever since the 1970s, the coast has been the most visited tourist destination in Croatia. This is one of the most popular and noisy resorts of Croatia.

Porec’s heritage can be seen in the historic town centre, in museums and galleries, hosted in houses and palaces, many of them still private homes as they have been for centuries. In the off season, weekend visitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy visit the area. Sports complexes are developed and used all year round.

What to see in Porec

Old Town

Old Town in Porec

Porec might be Istria’s premier modern holiday resort, but it also has a heart of old and visitors should make time to visit the town’s historic attractions. Built in Roman times, the entire Old Town has maintained its original street system with Marafor Square at its centre.

Euphrasius Basilica

Euphrasius Basilica

The 6th century Euphrasius Basilica complex is one of the stars of Istria’s historic attractions. As the Mediterranean’s best preserved monument of early Byzantine art, the complex has earned a rightful place on UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list.

Marafor Square

One of the stars of Porec culture and history is Marafor Square. Marafor Square is where public gatherings took place in Roman times. Nearby lie the ruins of two other historic attractions, the Temples of Mars and Neptune, constructed in the 1st and 2nd centuries.

The Towers

Pentagonal Tower in Porec

The Pentagonal Tower, Round Tower and Northern Tower were all built in the 15th century during Venetian rule to guard against a potential Ottoman invasion of Istria. These are three of the original 11 Porec towers that made up the city walls to have been preserved and prove a popular attraction for visitors.

The Romanesque House

Located at the junction of Decamanus Street and Marafor Square, the Romanesque house is one of the few residential buildings still preserved in its original form and is a popular Porec attraction.

Istrian Council House

Among the many historic attractions of Porec, the Istrian Council House provides a prime example of Gothic and Baroque architecture. Originally a Franciscan church, this 13th century building was used as the seat of regional parliament last century.

Porec Homeland Museum

One of Porec’s most popular cultural attractions is the fascinating Porec Homeland Museum. Located in the 18th century Sincic Baroque Palace, the museum houses a collection of Roman archaeological relics in the ground floor Lapidarium, plus Baroque paintings and a wealth of documents in a historical library.

What to do in Porec

Aqua Park

Aquacolors Porec

Visit a water park. Adrenaline on the water slides, relaxation on the Lazy River, or simply enjoying in sports – all this and more in the water parks of Porec.

Scuba Diving

Beauties of the Adriatic sea and underwater you can explore all year round. With plant and animal life which has hidden along the underwater cliffs and caves, you can visit the silent world of sunken ships.


The waters of Porec is an excellent area for fishing and fishing with underwater gun. Fishing is done from shore or from a boat in the shallows.


Porec was added on the maps of yachtsmen. Porec is host of many races, and in sailing school you can start your new adventure with the wind in the sails.


When the sky is clear over Porec, and when blows a slight wind, above the valley of the river Mirna are gathering “conquerors of the sky”. Those who have once tasted the magic of paragliding say that the experience unforgettable!


Some will prefer to choose skydiving instead of paragliding. The recreational airport Crljenka, near Porec is right thing for them. For start they may reluctantly choose a panoramic tour by plane or glider over the Riviera, which is in many ways unique.

Speleological and Climbing Expedition

Speleological societies will take the courageous exploration of the underworld, while for the climbing expedition’s inevitable steep slopes of the Adriatic fjord – Lim channel. The award for the effort will be a look at the unique creation of nature.

Nightlife in Porec

Porec by Night

Fun in Porec is available at every step. Should you head from Freedom Square (Trg Slobode) to the city waterfront during summer nights the music of top international hits and dance rhythms will follow you from numerous clubs, night bars and cafes, while those who want to try their luck can do so at the enchanting atmosphere of Porec’s casinos.

Summer terraces of hotels and restaurants are hosts to various entertainers almost every night as they entice you to demonstrate your dancing skills while lounge and beach bars by the sea offer additional refreshment during hot summer nights.

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