The Treasures of Istria



Written documents about truffles come from the ancient Greeks and Romans. Sweetness of truffles vividly described by Pliny the Elder, he is registered that some judge from Carthage broke his teeth while he eaten truffle. Due to the superior organoleptic quality truffles are always on the menus of the best restaurants, but due to high prices were available only to the wealthy.

Truffles are Mushrooms Elite.

While some mushrooms are everyday, some seasonal, truffles are mushrooms elite. Due to growth below ground, a specific search method, its renowned and lesser-known culinary, medicinal and aphrodisiac properties of the price is astronomical.

This mushrooms is the king of Istrian gastronomy, his majesty the truffle is a true delicacy and a true gem for gourmets. This peculiar mushroom with a specific flavour and aroma can be perfectly intertwined with many dishes, enriching them with special pleasure. Truffles for years feed many Istrian families, build houses and filled the restaurants.

Istrian  white truffle is one of the best in the world.

According to some data, the region of Istria, depending on the season, harvest around two tons mushrooms a year, of which about 90 percent are buying the Italians. It is believed that the Istrian white truffle is characterized by extremely good flavour and is regarded as one of the best in the world.

Hunting for Treasure

The most special mushroom represent a kind of hunting for treasure. They grow underground and therefore are found only with the help of specially trained dogs or pigs. The two most important species are the white (Tuber magnatum) and black truffle (Tuber melanosporum). White truffles are among the best types, it has the penetrating smell of garlic and aged cheese while the black features a sophisticated fragrance that is reminiscent of garlic and fresh ground. White are those expensive. Price of kilograms climb up to 1000 Euros placing them among the most expensive natural foods in the world.

Harvest of this beautiful mushrooms takes from September to December, and is usually harvested once a week.

The largest site of this beautiful mushroom is in the valley of the Mirna River and its surroundings, nearby Buzet which is renamed in the city of truffles, and a tiny place Livade also renamed in the “centre of the world truffles”.